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Best of luck to all exam students!

All of Junior and Leaving Certificate students are in our Thoughts and Prayers ahead of the start of state examinations.

Parents and Students are reminded to make sure they have a copy of the exam timetable with each of their own individual examinations highlighted, noting in particular the different starting and finishing times for different levels.

All students must be present in the exam centre half an hour before the first examination begins.

Allow plenty of time for your journey.

Make sure you have all required materials for each examination - pens and spares, pencils pointed, maths set, calculator, colouring pencils, small ruler, sharpener and eraser etc.

Have a good breakfast of slow release carbohydrates e.g. porridge or bread and /or protein such as eggs.

In the examination:

  • Read all questions in order to decide which questions you will score best in.
  • Underline key terms in the questions – what exactly do you have to do?
  • Do the questions you know best first to give yourself a confidence boost but don’t keep writing just because you know a lot – answer what you’re asked.
  • Tick off the sections as you go along – it’s easy to skip a section when a question has multiple parts.
  • Know your timings – don’t overrun on 1 question and leave yourself short of time in another.
  • Attempt the correct number of questions – a blank page will not get any marks!
  • Keep an eye on the marking scheme for guidance as to the correct number of points needed etc.
  • Read over everything at the end. If you have time, attempt another question.

Students must remain in the exam centre until the examination until is finished – you have studied for 2-3 years for this examination so make every minute of the exam count.

Once an exam is over, leave it as you can't change anything and move forward positively to the next subject. Avoid discussing the paper with others – what’s done is done!

Good Luck to you all.


Lord, as I face into examination time, I turn once more to you asking for your blessing and assistance.

I ask you to give me peace of mind with a strong sense of work at this time.

Help me to keep focussed on this task and not get too distracted by other aspects of my life.

Keep me from getting into a panic and help me to do justice to all my work and preparations.

On the days of my examinations keep me calm, help me to think clearly and understand what I am being asked and so to recall the study and work I have put in so far this past year.

Above all Lord, I ask that you will allow my efforts to bring about the life you have planned for me, may I be open to your vision of what you wish for me and may I accomplish this now and in my future life.


Níamh O’Mahony wins Gold in Tullamore


Congratulations to Níamh O’Mahony 3N who on Saturday 2nd of June travelled to Tullamore representing Presentation Secondary Tralee and won gold, 1st place, in the All Ireland 3000 M schools track athletics final.


Well done Níamh we are all very proud of you!

Niamh 1

Seeds sown for Pres Tralee wildflower garden

Third year students from Mrs. M. O'Connor and Mrs L. O'Sullivan's class enjoyed casting seeds on the wildflower garden on Thursday 24th of May.

We are looking forward to a beautiful display of colour in the Autum when the students return to school.

IMG 20180524 WA0005

 IMG 20180524 WA0006

 IMG 20180524 WA0007

 IMG 20180524 WA0008

1st Year End of Year Trip


Its the end of another school year, and 1st Year students had the sunshining for their trip to the Titanic Museum and Fota Wildlife Park, Cork.

A fantastic experience for our girls to benefit educationally while also exploring and developing friendships.


IMG 20180524 WA0019

IMG 20180524 WA0020


IMG 20180524 WA0024

IMG 20180524 WA0025

Pres Tralee Maths Club


Students enjoyed attending the final lunchtime maths club of the year run by Ms Mo O'Connor where they applied mathematical skills and knowledge while playing games and doing puzzles.

 IMG 20180524 WA0000

 IMG 20180524 WA0001


IMG 20180524 WA0002

Transition Year Geography Projects


The Transition Years collaboratively worked with their teacher Ms. Mo O'Connor to create visual 3D models of topics from the Geography Syllabus.  


 IMG 20180524 WA0023

IMG 20180524 WA0009

IMG 20180524 WA0010

IMG 20180524 WA0011


The creativity, innovation and hardwork of the students is evident from the masterpieces created and are on display in the school Assembly Area for all to see.  Well done girls and Ms O Connor!

Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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