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Parents Advisory Council




Parents Advisory Council

Presentation Secondary Tralee

The Parent’s Advisory Council take an active part in the life of the school. Every year, there is an Annual General Meeting to which all parents are invited to attend. This is generally held in early October.  At this meeting, all interested parents are encouraged to become members of a committee to form the Parent’s Advisory Council for that school year.

Once formed, the Council simply meet at the school one evening a month for an hour to discuss school issues arising. Parents are notified in advance of the meeting. The Principal and Deputy Principal attend these meetings to answer any questions or to give management’s view point on issues.

Two parents from the Council, one male and one female, represent the parents at Board of Management meetings. 

A report from these Board of Management meetings is read out to update parents at the Parents Advisory Council meetings.

Parent’s Advisory Council members meet directly with students through the SRC.  This gives students an opportunity to inform parents of any concerns or requests they may have.

The Council organise fund raising events to be able to fund items or events deemed of benefit to the school community at large.

The Council invite speakers to the school to give parents an opportunity to hear their expert advice on matters relating to teenagers and parenting.

The Council are also kept updated on achievements of the school and its students.

The Parent’s Advisory Council is an ideal way to get involved in the life of the school your child attends. Your daughter’s life in school goes surprisingly quickly, so why not take the opportunity from the start and meet other parents and share your thoughts and ideas?


 2017/2018 Parents’ Council


Pat Buckley  

Vice Chairperson

Aine Keane



Ann-Marie Bright

Vice Secretary

Michael Hickey


Joan Devane

Public Relations Officer

Denise Conway Carmody  

Parents’ Representatives on Board of Management

Caroline Sugrue and Anthony Lynch  

Parent’s Liaison to Student Representative Council

Ann Shanahan Thomas and Liz Horgan


Siobhan Barrett

Deirdre Moss

Helen McLoughlin

Brenda Diggins

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Parent Advisory Council,
Presentation Secondary School, Tralee.
1. NAME: Parent Advisory Council of Presentation Secondary School Tralee.
2. OBJECTIVES: The Objectives of the Council shall be:
(a) The advancement of the moral, emotional mental, social and cultural well-being of the
students of Presentation Secondary School Tralee.
(b) To defend the right of voluntary denominational schools to exist, particularly in a pluralist
Society. (c) To insist on parity of rights with State-Run Schools.
(d) To promote the concept of voluntary Denominational schools.
(e) To ensure the right of parents to consultation and information on Government Educational
Policy. (f) The fostering of good relations between parents, teachers, students and the school
authorities. (g) The election of parent's nominees to the Board of Management.
(h) The Council shall support the CSPA efforts to defend Christian Values in education
3. MEMBERSHIP: All parents or legal guardians of students attending the school shall be
automatic members of the Council
(i) The Annual General meeting shall be held during Autumn of each year.
(ii) The executive committee shall call Extraordinary General Meetings when the executive
committee deems it desirable or when a written request to call an Extraordinary General Meeting
is received by the Executive Committee, signed by at least 20 parents.
(iii) Public Notice shall be given fourteen days in advance of a General Meeting.
(iv) General Meetings shall be chaired by the Chairperson or in the absence of the Chairperson by
the Vice Chairperson. Otherwise the Executive Committee shall elect one of its members to chair
the meeting.
(v) A quorum for a General Meeting shall be 20 parents.
(a) An Executive Committee shall administer the affairs of the Council for the members of the
Council. The Committee shall consist of at least eight members who shall be elected each year at
the Annual General Meeting. The Parent's nominees to the School Board of Management shall be
ex officio members of the committee
(b) The committee shall appoint from among its elected members the officers of the Council:
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, and Hon. Treasurer, PRO. Members may serve
in any officer role for a maximum of three years consecutively.
(c) The committee shall have power to co-opt members on to the committee during the year.
(d) The Executive Committee will meet regularly during the school year – holding a minimum of
two meetings per term and on other such occasions as it is deemed necessary by the Executive
Committee. The quorum for such meetings shall be 50% of the members of the Executive
(e) The Executive Committee may invite to General meetings or to committee meetings such
persons as the Committee decides.
(f) Minutes of all-meetings shall be kept by Hon. Sec who shall present the minutes to the
Committee for approval at a subsequent Committee meeting.
(g) The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint sub-committees to assist it from
time to time. Sub-Committees may consist of members or non-members of the Council and shall
report to the Executive Committee.
(a) In accordance with the rules governing nomination of Parent's Representatives to the School
Board of Management, the Council shall conduct an election to nominate the Parent's
Representatives to the Board of Management.
(b) Notice of election shall be given to all parents 14 days in advance of the date of the election.
(c) Nominations of Candidates shall be submitted at a specified General Meeting of Council.
8. This Constitution may be amended from time to time at a General Meeting of the Council.
A two- thirds majority of the members present shall be required to carry an amendment
to the Constitution.
9. An Annual Voluntary Subscription shall part finance the Council. The amount of
subscription and method of payment shall be decided by the Executive Committee. The
committee may undertake fundraising activities as deemed necessary. All expenditure
shall be approved by the Council. Cheques will be signed by the Treasurer and
Chairperson or Secretary.
No member of the Council other than the Chairperson or member nominated either by the
Chairperson or by the Executive Committee shall make any official or public statement or
representation on behalf of the Council.
Liaison with School shall normally be maintained through correspondence by the Secretary, or by
deputation nominated by the Chairperson or Executive Committee, with the Principal of the
school and/or his nominees. The Executive committee may, however, should it consider it
desirable and appropriate, correspond in writing, or seek a meeting with the Board of
12. The Council in discharging its functions recognise that the examination and resolution of
problems relating to individual pupils or parents will be for determination between the
individual pupil and/or her parents and the School Authorities.
The Council also recognises that matters concerning the School Curriculum and its
implementation are the function of the School Authorities.
13. The Executive Committee shall present a report of its activities during the preceding year,
including a financial statement to the Annual General Meeting.
Winding up of the Council shall only be valid if accepted at a General Meeting convened for this
purpose. In the event of the winding up of the Council any assets on hand shall be presented to
the Board of Management for school purposes.
September 2016

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" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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