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Parents and students are reminded that students must present themselves in full and correct school uniform at all times.Failure to do so is a breach of the school code of behaviour and will be sanctioned accordingly.


Parents and students are reminded that they must have their school journal with them at all times.Failure to do so is a breach of the school code of behaviour and will be sanctioned accordingly.


 Any student who is late for school in the morning must have a note from parents/guardians.The student's journal will be stamped "LATE" on arrival at school.Parents and students are reminded that all students should be in the school building for 5 to 9 when the first bell goes in order to have all materials ready for the first 3 classes and to be in the correct location.

Parents are also reminded that students are to attend the FULL school day  and should only be signed in exceptional appointments e.g. medical that cannot be organised outside of school time.


Saturday study will be provided as long as students have submitted the relevant fees to the office in advance by Wednesday lunchtime.


Parents are asked to note that boots are not allowed as part of the school uniform - black shoes only. 


Parents are reminded that students must bring a SIGNED NOTE in to the office for stamping for every  absence by a student and the student must also present this note to each subject teacher when they return to school.


  • Parents are reminded to sign the school contact journal at the end of each week.
  • Notes must be provided in the contact journal for all absences 
  • A teacher may write a note in the contact journal  - please initial under or beside this when you have read the note to confirm that it has been presented to you.


  1. Parents are reminded not to bring cars into the inner school car park for Health and Safety reasons.
  2. Parents are asked to care in the outer carpark -  particularly on wet mornings when traffic is heavier and visibility is poor.
  3. Parents are asked to keep all small children in their cars - the school car park is a high-traffic zone at drop-off and collection times.
  4. Parents and students are asked NOT TO STAND in the exit area from the school near the gates and ramp.
  5. It is safer to park cars in the allocated car park spaces to drop off students.
  6. Students are reminded to walk on the right-hand side when entering the school grounds.
  7. Only staff cars displaying car parking permits should be parked in the outer car-park for long durations.




Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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School Office Hours

8.30 A.M. – 1.15 P.M.

2.00 P.M. - 5.00 P.M. Monday and Tuesday

2.15 P.M – 5.00 P.M. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday