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Presentation Secondary School Tralee - Students

Each year we are joined by students whose families have long-standing connections with Presentation, sometimes going back many generations. We are also joined by students whose families are new to the school. The friendly and caring atmosphere helps them all to settle in quickly and to make a personal contribution to student life. A lively range of school activities enables the girls to develop their enthusiasms and, from first year onwards, they have many opportunities for leadership and for personal and group decision making.

The Students’ Representative Council consists of representatives from all classes who meet regularly with the Head Girls and a member of the teaching staff to discuss matters raised by the students. It provides an important and constructive outlet for the students’ activities and opinions.

Travel is an integral part of student life. The school has a well established tradition of organising many out-of-school trips each year, both as part of subject modules and for social and cultural reasons. French and German exchange programmes are also arranged.  

An increasingly popular activity with the fourth and fifth year students is the prestigious President’s Award scheme. At both bronze and silver level, the girls get the opportunity to develop their own resources of courage, resilience and leadership. They also enrol for voluntary, community service, developing qualities of tolerance and commitment and building bridges with the wider community.

Many of the invaluable lessons at Presentation are learned beyond the classroom: in social areas, at lunchtime, in the assembly hall, on school outings - indeed, wherever the students congregate. They learn how to be sociable and how to care for each other, how to respect another’s viewpoint, how to support a friend who is sad or in difficulty. Friendship formed within Presentation creates bonds which last through life and are always a great source of comfort, support and happiness.


Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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2.00 P.M. - 5.00 P.M. Monday and Tuesday

2.15 P.M – 5.00 P.M. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday