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Study is a very important part of a students’ education.

 It fosters self-reliance, self-esteem, discipline and fulfilment.

 It is essential students develop a habit of study if they are to reach their full potential. We strongly recommend supervised study.

 Supervised study is offered to all students five evenings a week from 4.15- 6.00 Monday and Tuesday and from 3.45 – 6.00 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

 The contact journals of those who attend supervised study are stamped to confirm attendance.

 Students are charged a nominal fee per term to be paid in advance.

 Saturday study is also available to students in Sixth Year and Third Year. However it is essential that students inform the office and pay by Wednesday if they are attending as it can only be held if there are sufficient numbers.





Students, who wish to avail of the Supervised Evening Study facility in the school, as well as their parents/guardians, are asked to read the following Code of Behavior and indicate their acceptance of it by signing the statement to that effect in the school contact journal.


  • Students must pay the relevant fee prior to attendance at study.
  • Students must be punctual and in their place of study by 4.15 (Mon., Tues.) and by 3.50 (Wed., Thurs., Fri.)
  • Students must sit at the place allocated to them by the supervisor.
  • Silence must be maintained at all times.
  • Students must bring all books and necessary materials with them
  • Mobile phones must be turned off and out of sight at all times.
  • Personal Media Players are not permitted.
  • Students may not leave the school during study sessions.
  • If a student has parental permission to leave study early, she must present a note signed by a parent in the Blue Notes section at the   back of her journal. Parent/Guardian’s signature must correspond to signature on Page 2 of the journal.
  • If authorised to leave early a student must exit the study hall silently and quietly in order to avoid distracting other students


Please note that each student’s journal will be stamped each day as confirmation that she is present in the study hall.


It is imperative that students respect the above Code so that Supervised Study will be most beneficial for her and her fellow students.

 Students who violate the code will not be permitted to attend further study sessions.








Reflective Thought

" In winter, I plot and plan.

 In spring, I move."

 Henry Rollins



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